Key features of the FS Series Speaker Stands
FS Series Speaker Stands - Unique Satellite support design for increased Rigidity & minimized top plate for improved sound quality
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Custom Design's FS Series stands tall as the most popular and sought after models within the Custom Design catalog; stylish contemporary looks, particularly the FS104 signature, is what has established and maintained the popularity of these stands.

The FS Family of speaker stands combines the functionality and desirability of an open frame speaker stand with the solid rigidity of a center supported stand. They are incredibly flexible in their design and can be easily customized to meet a customer's design requirements or particular aestethics.

The central columns are fabricated from ELECTRIC RESISTANCE WELDED Steel (ERW BS EN 10305-3)and Satellite columns combine with the central coloumns to provide a totally rigid speaker stand.

Each of the rounded central columns can be filled with Custom Design's Inert filler to tailor the base frequency characteristic and overall liveliness of your speakers by adjusting the amount of filler.

More central columns gives a wider range of adjustment while the satellite columns subtely modulate the effects of the central columns for the perfact balance with many speakers.

Resonance noise reduction is significantly reduced with Custom Design's engineered laminated Acoustic Steel™ top plates which are used in all models by converting vibrational energy into heat. Focus, depth, impact and openess are all improved by allowing the driver diaphragm movements to vibrate the air and not the stand. Cabinet vibrations are drained away rather than color the direct sound from the driver.

The 4mm top and base plates of the FS Series are laser precision-cut and hand finished. The open frame and cut out plate designs have been developed following many subjective listening evaluations.