Key features of the RS Series Speaker Stands
  • • Model Lineup: RS 200, RS 202, RS 203, RS 204, RS 300, RS 302, RS 303, RS 304
  • • 24" stand heights (25" with floor spikes); custom heights available upon request
  • • 2" (50mm) or 3" (76mm) diameter rounded steel columns (1-4)
  • • Top Plate Dimensions:6.5" x 7" (165mm x 180mm) to 7.5" x 8.3" (190mm x 210mm) depending on stand selected.
  • • Base Plate Dimensions:8.7" x 10.2" (220 x 260mm)
  • • Inert Filler can be used in the columns for additional tuning for your specific loudspeakers
  • • Standard finishes available include: Black, White, or Mercury with Chrome & Brushed Chrome available at extra cost
RS Series Speaker Stands - A Classic Round Steel Column Stand
Select a model from the RS Series of stands:

The Custom Design RS speaker stand series are solid classic loudspeaker stand designs that support the acoustic capabilities of your speakers with unfussy aesthetics. Each of the rounded columns can be filled with Custom Design's Inert filler. Tailor the bass frequency characteristic and overall liveliness of your speakers by adjusting the amount of filler. Larger columns and stands with a greater number of columns give a wider range of adjustment as well as increased rigidity. By mass loading the stands the energy of driver diaphragm movements vibrate the air and are not attenuated by movement of the stand itself.

On some models, engineered laminated Acoustic Steel™ top plates convert vibrational energy into heat to reduce resonance noise and cabinet vibrations which would otherwise color the direct sound from the driver. The result is a cleaner sound with more focus, depth, impact and openess.

High quality materials are used and the fit and finish is excellent from laser-precision cutting manufacture. Stands are finished with a durable fine texture powder coating or can be chromed.

2-inch Column Stands
3-inch Column Stands