Custom Design QS 104 Specifications (Standard model)
  • • Columns: Four 1" (25mm) square support columns
  • • Top Plinth Dimensions:  7.5" x 9.5" (190 x 240 mm) - 4mm Acoustic Steel
  • • Base Plinth Dimensions:  7.5" x 9.5" (190 x 240 mm) - 4mm CR4 Steel - Outriggers add approx. 2" from measure of top plate
  • • Total Height: 610mm (24in) (not including spikes) or Custom Measurements - Custom Heights Available, call for details
  • • Floor Spikes & Fixing Bolts: 1" Zinc-plated M6 Isolation Spikes and Zinc-plated M6 Fixing Bolts
QS 104 Speaker Stands - Unique Semi-Welded Acoustic Steel design great for All speakers

The modern, contemporary QS 104 speaker stands have a simple aesthetic appeal. An extremely discrete and rigid speaker stand that is capable of helping you improve the sound quality of your system, while also improving its looks.

The QS 104 Speaker Stands feature a steel open-frame design comprised of four 1in electro-resistant steel columns that combine with Interface Dampening Gaskets (IDG) and isolation pads mounted to the hand-finished Inert Acoustic Steel™ top-plinth to reduce resonance noise vibration and delivery an improved performance for your loudspeakers. All aspects of the QS 104 are customizable to meet just about any need you might have for your HiFi. You can specify the height of the stands, as well as the dimensions for the 4mm Inert Acoustic top plinths, that are supplied as standard, along with matching mild-steel base plinths.

The QS 104 is a rigid speaker support stand with minimal initial mass. The welded support columns can be filled with Inert Filler to increase the initial mass of the speaker stand, and to tune the bass response of your speakers, maximizing the performance of your QS 104 Speaker support stands.

Will your Speakers fit the QS 104?

The standard QS 104 measures 7.5in x 9.5in, making it best suited for speakers that are at least 7.5in - 8.5in wide and up to approx. 12in deep.
For speakers that are deeper than 12in, check out the FS 104 Signature XL.

Classic-styled loudspeakers, such as those form Spendor, Harbeth, Graham Audio, Falcon Acoustics, Totem and many others, will fit perfectly on this style of speaker stand. Custom/Build-to-Measure options are also available.

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Standard Height is 24" (Custom Heights are available, Call for details), and include 4mm Acoustic Steel™ Top Plinth & 4mm laser precision cut base plates

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Do you want Floor Protectors?

Sold in sets of 8 and available in Solid Aluminum (addl $56)

Do you want Inert Filler for Columns?

Recommended minimum inert filler: 2 bag per 3in column = 4 bags per pair of speaker stands

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