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Custom Design KEF R3 Speaker Stand Specifications
  • •  Columns: One 3" (76mm) column + four 1" satellite columns, available in Black or White (Chrome & brush Chrome available for additional charge
  • •  Top Plate Dimensions - 4mm Acoustic Steel:  180 x 280mm (7 x 11in)
  • •  Base Plate Dimensions - 4mm CR4 Steel:  230 x 335mm (9.1 x 13.8in)
  • •  Total Height:  610mm (24in) (not including spikes), Custom Heights Available, Call for Details
  • •  Floor Spikes & Fixing Bolts: 1" Black Zinc-plated M8 Isolation Spikes with complimentary covers and Zinc-plated M8 Fixing Bolts
Custom Design KEF R3 Speaker Stands - A perfect fit and ideal alternative Speaker Stand for KEF R3 speakers
starting from  $399.00 - $489.00

Kef R3 speakers require a speaker stand support to achieve perfect positioning and that provide a completely rigid, isolating support platform for the speaker to operate at the maximum performance possible. This can be achieved through the integrity of the speaker stand, the number of supporting columns, the engineering incorporated in to the design, the type and number of fixings. Custom Design has addressed each of these requiements and additionally incorporated their propreitary isolating Acoustic Steel™ with a 7" x 11" (180mm x 280mm) 4mm Acoustic Steel™ top plate to perfectly fit the KEF R3 loudspeaker. The resonance energy absorption and conversion properties of the top plate and the quality and thickness of column materials used, make the Custom Design KEF R3 Speaker stand the best and only choice to really allow your speakers to realize their true potential.

The Kef R3 speaker stands are designed and manufactured by Custom Design to provide the perfect isolating solution for speaker cabinets. The perfectly sized Acoustic Steel™ top plate and the 5 column design of the KEF R3 Speaker stand provide the perfect isolating solution for the speaker cabinets. Speaker cabinets resonate most in the middle of the cabinet, therefore the best possible isolation points are the corners of the cabinet, which resonate the least. That is why Custom Design provides a top plate to compliment the speaker cabinet at 7" x 11" (180mm x 280mm) to help our customers achieve the best possible listening experience and sound performance from their KEF R3 speakers.

Four Reasons KEF R3 Loudspeakers Mounted on Custom Design's speaker stands Sound so Much Better Than When on Other Stands:

  •  Stands are very rigid from the 3" (76mm) ERW BS EN 10305-3 central column and four 1" satellite support columns being tied together by ‘H’ shaped top and bottom plates forming a tight box frame structure with no unnecessary mass
  •  The top plate supporting the loudspeaker is fabricated from resonance energy-absorbing inert Acoustic Steel™ which is a sandwich of two steel plates with a damping material layer between. Vibrations from the cabinet and the stand itself get turned into heat rather than introduce colorations into the sound
  •  The top plate dimensions better fit the loudspeaker cabinet dimensions putting the satellite posts closer to the corners of loudspeaker's underside where they can be the most effective
  •  The 3" central column can be filled with Custom Design specially selected Inert Filler and the amount of filler used governs the bass performance to suit your particular speakers

In all, the thickness and millimeter precision laser cutting to of the top and base plates and the size and placement of the colums and the use of high-quality zinc plated M8 fixing bolts combine to ensure all of the parts fit together perfectly. The spikes of the speaker stands can be easily adjusted from the top with the Allen Key wrench, provided, and optional floor protectors are available.

By design and thoughtful consideration, the KEF R3 Loudspeakers just look good, on these stands.

In response to customer requests, we now have available a full acoustic steel top plate with screw holes for your KEF R3 speakers. While totally optional and not necessary to achieve optimal sound from your speakers on these stands, we wanted to offer a solution for customers seeking additional piece of mind gained by securely mounting the speakers to the stands. When choosing the optional screw-down top plate, you can select to have the screws we utilized with our KEF R3 Speakers (pictured here) or to have it without the screws, if you wish to obtain your own.

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KEF R3 Speaker Stands are 610mm (24") tall (Custom Heights Available, Call for Details) and also as Standard, include a Black Center Column with Acoustic Steel Top Plates and CR4 Steel Base Plates

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Screw Down Plate for KEF R3
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