Custom Design CD Series Specifications
  • • Model Lineup: CD 605, CD 606, CD 607
  • • 2" (50mm) square Steel or Hardwood columns with four 1" steel satellite columns
  • • Top Plate Dimensions: CD 605 - 6.5"x7"; CD 606 - 7.5"x9.5"; CD 607 - 7.9"x9.8"
  • • Base Plate Dimensions: 8.7"x10.2" (220 x 260mm)
  • • Allowable Speaker Weight: 50-80kg (depeding on which stand selected)
CD Series Speaker Stands - The Ultimate In Rigidity And Stability
$479.00 - $999.00
Select a model from the CD Series of stands:

The CD Series Speaker Stands combine the increased rigidity provided by satellite column supports, popularized in the FS Series stands, with the stability provided by the 2" square center columns in electric resistant welded steel or solid naturally dampening hardwood similarly to designs used in the SQ series of Speaker Stand Supports.

The Steel columns, when selected for your stands, each can be filled with Custom Design's Inert filler to tailor the bass frequency characteristic and overall liveliness of your speakers by adjusting the amount of filler with greater degree offered by more columns.
When solid hardwood is selected for the center column, the columns are bonded with Custom Design's patented acoustic polymer which not only aids in increasing overall rigidity of the speaker stand, but also furthers the natural resonance noise dissipation properties of the wood itself. No matter the final decision, both designs work to prevent the transmission of resonane noice from influencing the stand itsef, the performance of your speakers, and your system as a whole.

Focus, depth, impact and openess are all improved by allowing the driver diaphragm movements to vibrate the air and not the stand. If not properly drained away, cabinet vibrations and other resonance noise can color the direct sound from the driver. Custom Design's first point of conteracting this coloration sound is in the top and base plates for the speaker stands. The CD Series employs 4mm thick top plates and 6mm thick base plates, both made of their patented Acouctic Steel™.
Acoustic Steel™ is engineered from lamination of multiple steel plates with their patented resonance noise eliminating polymer to create plates that dissipates the noise by converting the vibrational energy into heat which is thereby absorbed and transmitted away.

Additionally, the CD series features M8 Nickle plated base isolation spikes and covers, that can be top adjusted with allen key (provided) and an exclusive cable tidy facility to aid in discretely hiding cables behind the center column support.

Designed as a piece of furniture, Custom Design leveraged more than 33 years of experience to add details to enhance the range's acoustic abilities without compromising design or performance.

If you need a stand that gives you the ability to control and fine-tune the bass frequencies from your stand mount speakers, that is also solid, isolated, rigid and good looking the CD Series is the option to you've been looking for!