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Custom Design Milan Reference 20 Wooden HiFi Stand Specifications
  • • Standard Configuration: 3-Levels - 3 x 5.9" (150mm)
  • • Shelf Dimensions:  22.8" (W) x 15.7" (D) (570 x 400mm)
  • • Internal Width: 18.9" (480mm)
  • • Total Height: 20.1" (includes thickness of MDF shelf and spikes)
  • • Optional Spacings Available include:  4.3" (110mm), 5.9" (150mm), 7.9" (200mm), 9.8" (250mm) and 13.8" (350mm)
Milan Reference 20 - The Wooden HiFi Stand
from $1,099.00

The market’s perceptions of Hi-Fi furniture have shifted dramatically in the last decade. Now, more than ever, a contemporary design is not only important, but also, necessary as the furniture has become more than just and accessory to the HiFi setup.

Just as with the entirety of the Milan Series, the totally wooden Milan 20 is more than a piece of furniture. Its modular construction, flexibility of assembly, and the enhanced acoustic capabilities raise its capabilities to the highest standards, without compromising the design or its performance.

The Milan 20 is a modernization of the classic Milan series, replacing the 10mm glass shelf with a 20mm real hardwood veneered MDF shelf. The veneered MDF provides a more consistent and higher performing support stand for HiFi equipment when compared with the solid hardwood option. With the Milan 20 wooden HiFi stand, there is no variation in density, no variation in weight or mass, and total consistency of materials, which could not be reasonably achieved utilizing solid hardwood. The shelves are manufactured with a discrete front radius and polished edges, the distinctive design features common to Custom Design’s Milan Series HiFi furniture. Each is capable of supporting over 66 pounds (30kg) and is available with a Black finish.

The standard version of the Milan 20 stand is comprised of three (3) 5.9” (150mm) shelf units of the black-finished harwood veneered isolation support shelf and your choice of solid hardwood shelf-spacing. Other spacing heights available for the Milan 20 are 4.3” (110mm) or 5.9” (150mm), with the 7.8” (200mm), 9.8” (250mm) and 13.8” (350mm) shelf spacing available on request, as optional upgrades. Standard finishes available for the shelf-spacings are Black, White, Oak, and Cherry, with Walnut, Metallic Silver and Metallic Copper available upon request as an optional premium upgrade.

Custom Design’s philosophy is to achieve business success through product ingenuity and service success, with a social responsibility for environmental friendly practices to every HiFi furniture product we design and manufacture. All of the wooden components of the Milan 20 HiFi Isolation support stands are manufactured from solid hardwoods including Oak, Walnut and Ash that are professionally harvested from managed, sustainable forests where more trees were planted than harvested in the last 30 years. All Custom Design cardboard packaging is sourced packaging from only PEFC or FSC certified companies. 76% of the cardboard packaging has been manufactured from recycled material, which can be 100% recycled.

Sound quality can be further improved by using Custom Design’s iRAPs (Isolation Resonance Absorption Platforms), which are available as an optional extra. The iRAPS are highly effective in isolating components from resonance within the equipment stand and absorbing resonance generated by the component itself. You can find more information about Custom Design iRAPs in the Isolation Accessories section.

The Milan Reference 20 wooden stand is particularly suitable for a wide range of Hi-Fi set-ups of standard-size components from Rega, Simaudio, Primare, Quad, NAD and many others.

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  • Basic 3-Shelf stand is comprised of 5.9" + 5.9" + 5.9" for a total height of 20.1" (including thickness of shelf & spikes).

  • Expand the standard three-shelf stand by adding an extra shelf with height of your choice for systems with more components.

  • Select the heights for a Custom-build Milan Reference 20 stand by each individual level. Pricing is 'by the shelf' and is based on the size of the spacings and materials requested.

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