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Custom Design Milan Reference XL HiFi Stand Specifications
  • • Standard Configuration: 4-Levels - 1 x 110mm (4.3in) + 2 x 150mm (5.9in) + 1 x 250mm (9.8in)
  • • Shelf Dimensions (WxD): 620 x 510mm (24.4in x 20.1in)
  • • Internal Width: 530mm (20.9in)
  • • Total Height: 700mm (28in) (includes thickness of glass shelves)
  • • Optional Spacings Available include:  110mm (4.3in), 150mm (5.9in), 200mm (7.9in), 250mm (9.8in)
Milan Reference XL - One of the Few Stands That Can Accommodate Larger Reference Level Components
starting from      for the basic 4-shelf configuration

Custom Design's Milan Reference XL Hi-Fi stand will accommodate the larger reference level components and turntables where many other stands are simply too small. Better proportions will set off your top-level components so they look their best. Naturally you will want the best sound quality and Custom Design has been developing Hi-Fi furniture for over 30 years seeking the goal of reproducing music to the highest standard. Experience has shown that attention to details is critical for the highest level of fidelity possible at a reasonable price.

As with all the other stands in Custom Design's Milan range, the modular design can accommodate all the different heights of your Reference Level Hi-Fi components and you are not limited to fixed shelf spacing. You can have as many shelves as you need and get the overall height of the stand, especially one with a tall turntable, to a height that is comfortable for you. Don’t spoil an expensive set-up with poor ergonomics! And, while looks are important, these stands have a beneficial effect on sound quality and the modular design enables super-easy expansion and simple assembly.

The Shelf-unit side pieces are made of solid real Oak, real Walnut or real Ash harAdwoods in a range of finishes including Walnut, Cherry, Satin Black and Satin White. The shelves are fully tempered Clear or Black glass with polished edges and a gentle front radius curve. The combination of Hardwood and rigid glass offers excellent acoustical properties. Glass is durable and easy to maintain. Each shelf-unit can support 110lbs/ 50kg.

Sound quality can be further improved by using Custom Design’s iRAPs (Isolation Resonance Absorption Platforms), which are available as an optional extra. The iRAPS are highly effective in isolating components from resonance within the equipment stand and absorbing resonance generated by the component itself. You can find more information about Custom Design iRAPs in the Isolation Accessories section.

The Milan Reference XL stand is particularly suitable for Hi-Fi set-ups with a reference-level components, turntables and components that need more room to dissipate heat. It is compatible with products from McIintosh, Chord Electronics, AVID, Simaudio, Primare and many others.

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Choose the Shelf Arrangement of Your Milan Reference XL Configuration
  • Basic 4-Shelf stand is comprised of 110mm (4.3") + 150mm (5.9") + 150mm (5.9") + 250mm (9.8") for a total height of 700mm (28") (including thickness of glass shelves & spikes) .

  • Partially customize the four-shelf stand by replacing one of the 5.9 in shelf-units with one of a different height to better fit a component or change the overall height.

  • Expand the standard four-shelf stand by adding an extra shelf with height of your choice for systems with more components.

  • Select the heights for a Custom-build Milan Reference XL stand by each individual level. Pricing is 'by the shelf' and is based on the size of the spacings and materials requested.