Isolation Resonance Absorbing Platforms = iRAPs
$199.00 - $399.00

iRAP (Isolation-Resonance-Absorbing-Platform) are manufactured from Custom Design's Acoustic Steel. Designed to absorb and dampen resonance vibration, iRAP's isolate equipment from the supporting system by absorbing unwanted energy and that generated by the support. It does this through a patented polymer which is sandwiched between 2 sheets of steel (constrained layer dampening). This converts the resonance to negligible heat by the creation of friction (resonance).

The resulting improvements are significant and the versatility of the iRAP enables them to be adapted to any support system, only requiring 20mm of height.

Available in several sizes as standard to fit most equipment (custom sizes available on request), the iRAPs offer magnitude in clarity and separation compared to your standard Hi-Fi shelf support. The result is an inky blackness and depth to the bass, with a significant improvement in the dynamic range and detail. All combined the iRAPs make a perfect upgrade for any Hi-Fi system. The standard IRAP sizes available are:

  • C = Compact - 8.27" x 12.2" (210 x 310mm) - perfect for compact-sized/half-width components such as Cyrus Audio, QUAD, and NAD
  • A = Acoustic - 11.81" x 15.75" (300 x 400mm) - ideal for full-size, narrow "footprint" components, like Primare and Rega
  • F = Full - 11.81" x 16.93" (300 x 430mm) - vibration resonance absorption for full-size components, with a wide "footprint like Moon by SimAudio
  • TT = Turntable - 13.77" x "17.72" (350 x 450mm)  - vibration absorption for turntables
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Each iRAP comes equiped with 4 isolation trim mountings available in Chrome, Brushed Chrome and Black option.

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