Custom Design Concept Series Speaker Stand Specifications
  • • Model Lineup: Concept SS6, Concept SS8
  • • 24" stand heights (25" with floor spikes); custom heights available upon request
  • • Top Plate Dimensions:b6.3" x 7" (160 x 180 mm)
  • • Base Plate Dimensions:8.7" x 10.2" (220 x 260 mm)
Concept Series Speaker Stands - A Different Stand that cleverly addresses mass and rigidity
$369.00 - $499.00
Select a model from the Concept Series of stands:

Custon Design's Concept SS6 and SS8 speaker stand represents a new approach to loudspeaker support stand design. Horizontal cross bracing has hardly ever been used in loudspeaker stands where the design emphasis has always been on the vertical column(s). After months of research and development with the Concept Speaker Stand Support range, Custom Design was able to address the mass and rigidity requirements of loudspeaker stands in a rather clever way. Essentially an open frame design approach combined with horizontal cross bracing was able to provide a single energy transition material from the speaker cabinet to the isolation points. The unique design of the Custon Design Concept SS6 and SS8 speaker stands has minimal influence on the speaker's characteristics to better preserve the sound originally intended in the mix for the customer to experience.

The Concept series is a very modern contemporary design that will not appeal to all customers and the standard current models are not suitable for larger stand mount speakers. However the design is extremely flexible and the standard range will no doubt be expanded in the near future. Customized versions are available for those looking for a unique, discrete piece of furniture with superb performance.

What is also exciting is that modern manufacturing methods brings customized stands within a more affordable price range and Custom Design believes that possibly one day all Hi-Fi furniture will be designed and manufactured this way.

This is definitely something different.