Acoustic Isolation Accessories
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In addition to making superior quality furniture and bespoke quality speaker stands for your Hi-Fi system and speakers, Custom Design also produces, and makes available for sale individually, a wide-variety of accessorie and add-ons specifically targeted toward reducing or eliminating resonant noise vibration generated within your system, by your furniture and speaker stands.

At the center of the majority of Custom Design's resonance elimination products is their proprietary Acoustic Steel. A patented acoustic polymer is utilized to bond high-quality steel plates together to create their acoustic steel top and base plates, as well as multiple iterations of their anti-resonance platforms or iRAPs, as well as desktop component plinths, stands and platforms.

To assist you in identifying the appropriate product for your system, we have divided them into two categories. Component Isolations are specific resonance dampening add-ons for use with individual components in your system. Speaker Stand Accessories are Custom Design's anti-resonance products that help increase the rigidity and resonance noise dissipation produced by your stand-mount speakers