Acoustic Isolation Plinths
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Acoustic Isolation Plinths have been designed and manufactured from Custom Design's world renowned Acoustic Steel. which converts unwanted resonance energy to negligible heat. The synchronous vibration energy can be absorbed and converted, dampening resonance vibration, isolating your hifi equipment and hifi supports.

The Acoustic Steel is manufactured exclusively by Custom Design. Consisting of 2 sheets of different thickness steel or aluminum joined by our patented polymer to create a constrained layer dampening system. The Acoustic Steel Isolation Plinths convert the synchronous vibrtation energy from your system components into negligible heat by the creation of friction (resonance).

The resulting improvements are significant and the versatility of the Acoustic Isolation Plinths enables them to be adapted to any furniture support system for isolating hifi supports or hifi equipment requiring only 0.18in of height. Standard dimensions are 2.17in x 2.17in x 0.18in to compliment most hifi equipment, custom sizes available on request.