Key features of the SQ Series Speaker Stands
  • • Model Lineup: SQ 400, SQ 402, SQ 404
  • • 2" (50mm) square Steel or Hardwood columns
  • • Top Plate Dimensions:6.5"x7" (165 x 180mm) - 4mm mild or Acoustic Steel™
  • • Base Plate Dimensions:8.7"x10.2" (220 x 260mm) - 4mm or 5mm Acoustic Steel™
  • • 24" stand heights (25" with floor spikes); custom heights available upon request
  • • Standard metal finishes available include: Black, White and Mercury
  • • Hardwood finishes available include: Black, White, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany & Walnut
SQ Series Speaker Stands - Square Steel or Hardwood Columns Deliver a Modern Aesthetic
Select a model from the SQ Series of stands:

The SQ series of speaker frames introduces you to several innovative concepts from Custom Design. First, the columns are square, not round. Second, the columns in the SQ series are available in both steel and hardwood finishes. SQ series speaker stands can be built with one to four columns and delivers thoughtful consideration both in terms of design and acoustic application. The modern, contemporary SQ Series has true aesthetic appeal delivering both sleek design and the beneficial reduction in resonance noise vibration, resulting in an improved performance and sound quality.

The solid hardwood-type columns offer a different type of acoustical resistance than steel and the natural properties of wood dampen resonance noise vibration preventing transmission through the design and influencing the stand and speaker's performance.

As in other ranges, rigidity is increased as the number of either steel or solid hardwood support columns is increased and enhanced by the Zinc-plated M8 fixing-bolts used to attach the hand polished 4mm steel top and bottom plates to the 2" x 2" square columns. Square metal square columns can be filled with Custom Design's Inert filler which dampens the stand to tailor the bass frequency characteristic and overall liveliness of your speakers by adjusting the amount of filler used. More columns gives more effect and more mass to stabilize the stands against movement to preserve transient bass attack and articulation.

Resonance noise reduction is significantly reduced in models with engineered laminated Acoustic Steel™ top plates (all except SQ 400) by converting vibrational energy into heat. Focus, depth, impact and openess are all improved by allowing the driver diaphragm movements to vibrate the air and not the stand. Cabinet vibrations are drained away rather than color the direct sound from the driver.

Metal finishes include Black, White and Mercury; While Ash, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Natural, White and Black finishes are all available in solid hardwood.