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Custom Design SQ 404 Specifications (Standard model)
  • •  Columns: Four 50mm (2in) Square Wood or Steel Column
  • •  Top Plate Dimensions - 4mm Acoustic Steel with Wood Columns: 165 x 180mm (6.5 x 7in) or 140 x 180mm (5.5 x 7in) or 180 x 280mm (7 x 11in)
  • •  Base Plate Dimensions - 4mm CR4 Steel:  220 x 260mm (8.7 x 10.2in) or 230 x 330mm (9 x 13in)
  • •  Total Height:  610mm (24in) (not including spikes), Custom Heights Available, Call for Details
  • •  Floor Spikes & Fixing Bolts: 1" Black Zinc-plated M8 Isolation Spikes with complimentary covers and Zinc-plated M8 Fixing Bolts
Custom Design SQ 404 Speaker Stands - 4-columns of either Hardwood or Steel combine with Acoustic Steel top plates to deliver the maximum rigidity and stability for your speakers
starting from  499.00 - $699.00/pair

The Custom Design SQ 404 speaker stands feature four square columns in steel or solid hardwood and inert Acoustic Steel™ 4mm top and 5mm base plates that are precision laser cut, hand polished and finished before being electro-statically powder coated. The 2" x 2" hand-polished ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel square columns are affixed with zinc plated M8 fixing bolts for total joint rigidity and supplied with zinc plated M8 base isolation spikes.

The solid hardwood version utilizes solid Ash, Oak or Walnut support columns which are harvested from sustainable, professionally managed forests. Available finishes include Black, White, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut. The natural properties of wood dampen resonance noise vibration preventing the transition through the design and influencing the stand and speaker's performance. The wooden version is lighter than the steel column version when mass loaded but still has effective vibration reduction without the expense of Inert Filler.

Both the steel and hardwood versions of the Custom Design SQ 404 speaker stand are the most rigid and the most anti resonant of the SQ series of speaker stands. All the SQ series Custom Design speaker stands, however, are aesthetically and functionally appealing particularly with the square columns.

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Custom Design SQ 404 Speaker Stands are 610mm (24") tall (Custom Heights Available, Call for Details) and also as Standard, 4mm CR4 Steel Top & Base plates for Metal Columns and 4mm Acoustic Steel Top Plates and 4mm CR4 Steel Base Plates for Stands with Wood Columns

Select Material for the Center Columns
Select Size of Top Plates Select the appropriate top plate size for your stands
*** Top plates are Acoustic Steel for Hardwood Column Stands only ***