Quadraphonic Isolation Platform iRAP

The Quadraphonic iRAPs (Isolation Resonance Absorbing Platforms) are manufactured from Custom Design's world renowned Acoustic Steel and Acoustic Aluminium. Designed to absorb and dampen unwanted resonance vibration, the Quadraphonic iRAP isolates equipment from the supporting system by converting the energy to a form that can be dissipated by your support and other products. It does this through a patented Constained Layer Dampening System, whereby our special acoustic polymer sandwiched, between 2 sheets of either our acoustic steel or acoustic aluminium. The patented polymer converts the unwanted reasonance to negligible heat by the friction. The resulting improvements are significant and the versatility of the Quadraphonic iRAP enables them to be adapted to any support system, only requiring 45mm of height without the solid aluminium isolation feet or 55mm with.

There are 2 standard sizes of the Quadraphonic iRAP available (A) 16.93" x 11.81" (430mm x 300mm) and (B) 16.93" x 13.39" (430mm x 340mm), with custom size options available by request. The Quadraphonic iRAP offers total ridigity and total isolation providing a magnitude in clarity, detail and separation compared to your standard supporting shelf. It is a perfect upgrade for our more discerning customers and their audio system.

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