Inert Filler
starting at $50.00/2 bags

For over 24 years, Custom Design has recommended Inert Filler to enhance the performance of all of their speaker stand designs. The filler is a specially sourced material for dampening speaker stand support column(s). Constant research and development has yet to yield a more appropriate material suitable for this purpose.

The Inert Filler is a none magnetic, none resonant, inert material that will not rust the insides of metal columns. The filler consists of 1mm to 2mm angular particles with a dense consistency making it an ideal material for mass loading speaker stand supports (columns). Angular shapes pack more densely to eliminate, as much as possible, air within the material inside the support column. It has been found to enhance the dampening effect far beeter than other filler materials.

Mass loading and dampening, at least the center support column(s), is an easy upgrade to your Custom Design Speaker stands, where applicable. The benefits of improved performance of your speakers and overall enhanced sound quality makes the effort well worth doing. Particularly noticable will be more control and precision timing to the bass frequencies, which in turn improves definition of higher frequencies.

For shipping, the Inert Filler is supplied in dry, individually sealed, and well packed bags/boxes, as shown at left. Shipping costs are additional and not included in the price.

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Inert Filler for Columns

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