Custom Design RS 204 Specifications (Standard model)
  • • Columns: Four - 2" (50mm) Round Columns
  • • Top Plate Dimensions - 4mm Acoustic Steel: 160 x 178mm (6.3 x 7in)
  • • Base Plate Dimensions - 6mm Acoustic Steel: 220 x 260mm (8.7 x 10.2in)
  • • Total Height: 610mm (24in) (not including spikes), Custom Heights Available - Call for details
  • • Floor Spikes: 1" Zinc Plated M8 Isolation Spikes
RS 204 Speaker Stands
from $459.00/pair

The RS 204 speaker stand rounds out the RS 200 range and offers maximum performance for this level of stand and is available in durable, high quality black and white finishes.
It benefits from laser precision cut 4mm Acoustic Steel™ top and 4mm Acoustic Steel™ base plates that are hand finished and attached to a four 2" (50mm) ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel columns.
High quality zinc plated M8 fixing bolts are used to ensure these parts fit together very firmly indeed to provide a stand with total integrity and maximum rigidity.
Reflecting the attention to detail and standards of quality, the spikes can be easily adjusted from the top with the Allen Key wrench provided.

A Custom Design RS 204 stand has an initial mass of approximately 6.5 lbs. Mass loading each support column with 1 bag of Custom Design specially selected Inert Filler adds a further 14 lbs to the final mass, that really boosts the performance of the RS 204 speaker stand.

The multi award winning RS 200 speaker support series features stands with one to four 2" columns with a range support capacity and significant incremental initial and final mass properties.

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All Stands are 610mm (24") tall (Custom Heights are available, Call for details) and include as Standard, matching 4mm Acoustic Steel Top Plates and 6mm Acoustic Steel Base Plates.

Do you want Floor Protectors?

Sold in sets of 8 and available in Solid Aluminum (addl $56)

Do you want Inert Filler for Columns?

Recommended minimum inert filler: 2 bag per 3in column = 4 bags per pair of speaker stands

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