Custom Design FS 105 (Standard model) Specifications
  • • Columns: One 3" (76mm) round column + four 1" (25mm) satellite columns
  • • Top Plate Dimensions:  6.5" x 7" (165 x 180 mm) - 4mm Acoustic Steel
  • • Base Plate Dimensions:  8.7" x 10.2" (220 x 260 mm) - 4mm Mild Steel
  • • Total Height: 24" (not including spikes)
  • • Floor Spikes & Fixing Bolts: 1" Zinc-plated M6 Isolation Spikes and Zinc-plated M6 Fixing Bolts
FS 105 Speaker Stands with sculptured curved base plates
$409.00 - $499.00/pair

The Custom Design FS 105 speaker stand is a variant of the popular FS 104 Signature stand of the visually appealing FS series of loudspeaker stands. Four 1" satelite support columns and single 3" (76mm) ERW BS EN 10305-3 central column give the stand a very high degree of rigidity. The 4mm base plate of the FS 105 is manufactured from precision laser-cut steel in a particularly attractive sculptured curved design rather than the usual rectangular plate and has minimal appearance with little influence on your speaker's potential performance. The top plate is fabricated from resonance energy absorbing inert Acoustic Steel™, while similarly cut bottom plate is made from oiled and pickled mild steel.

The 3" central column can be easily mass loaded with Custom Design specially selected Inert Filler and bass performance is governed by the amount of filler used. The plates and columns are secured with high quality zinc plated M6 and M8 fixing bolts ensuring these parts fit together firmly and the spikes can be easily adjusted from the top with the Allen Key wrench provided.

The FS 105 Speaker Stand has the advantage of being more neutral to start with but with added benefit to control the bass response leading to more precise bass timing and better stereo imaging. These sophisticated stands have a tidy foot-print and provide the foundation required for a more exciting and dynamic sound.

The parts are carefully packaged reflecting the attention to quality that Custom Design imparts to all it's products. The FS 105 Signature Speaker Stands are a serious alternative to the usual speaker stands that simply get the speakers off the floor and will deliver great long term satisfaction of your music collection.

The standard Custom Design FS 105 speaker stand is available in 24"(610mm) height, with the standard acoustic top support of 6.5" x 7.0" (165mm x 180mm), and finished Black for the center and satellite support columns. Chrome and Brushed Chrome satellite column finishes are available as optional extras.

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All Stands are 24" tall and include as Standard 4mm Acoustic Steel Top Plates and 4mm Mild Steel Base Plates

Do you want Floor Protectors?

Sold in sets of 8 and available in Solid Aluminum (addl $70)

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Recommended minimum inert filler: 2 bag per 3in column = 4 bags per pair of speaker stands

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