Custom Design FS 108 (Standard model) Specifications
  • • Columns: Four 3" (76mm) round Central Columns + Four 1" (25mm) Satellite Suport Columns
  • • Top Plate Dimensions:  8.6" x 10.2"(220 x 260 mm) - 4mm Acoustic Steel
  • • Base Plate Dimensions:  10.8" x 14.0"(275 x 355 mm) - 4mm Acoustic Steel
  • • Total Height: 24" (not including spikes)
  • • Floor Spikes & Fixing Bolts: 1" Zinc-plated M8 Isolation Spikes and Zinc-plated M6 & M8 Fixing Bolts
FS 108 Speaker Stands
$749.00 - $829.00/pair

The FS 108 Speaker Stand features Custom Design's quadri-central column configuration for definitive performance. The four 3in central columns are accompanied by four 1in satellite support columns and capped with 4mm precision laser cut, handmade and finished acoustic steel top and base plates. The Custom Design FS 108 is by far, the most unique speaker stand on the market today and is the ultimate in rigidity, allowing it to surpass all other speaker stands, regardless of design or arrangement.

As standard, the central columns of the FS 108 are finished in black, with black satellite support columns. The satellite support columns are also available in Chrome and Brushed Chrome finishes as an optional extra. The standard top plate measures 8.6" x 10.2" and the base plate measures 10.8" x 14" and both are attached with M8 zinc-plated fixing bolts and identical base isolation spikes. 8 bags of Inert Filler are supplied, as standard, and additional bags can be purchased as an optional extra.

Designed to deliver the ultimate, the definitive performance, the octad column design provides total integrity with an absolute foundation for the enjoyment of listening the complete dynamic and exciting performance captured in your musical recordings.

The performance improvements are substantial, like all the FS range, and especially the FS 108. It is capable of adding more detail to the dynamic range which will also seem larger, more spacious and open, with sensitivity and inky blackness depth to the bass.

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All Stands are 24" tall and include as Standard, Quad 3" Black Center Columns with 4mm Acoustic Steel Top & Base Plates

Do you want Floor Protectors?

Sold in sets of 8 and available in Solid Aluminum (addl $70)

Do you want Inert Filler for Columns?

Recommended Mininum: 2 bags per 3in column recommended = 16 bags per pair of speaker stands 8 bags included in Standard pricing

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