Custom Design Speaker Stands and HiFi Furniture

Sound Has Never
Looked So Good!

Custom Design HiFi Furniture - The Milan Series

Modular, Sleek, Stylish
Furniture for Your HiFi!

Custom Design Speaker Stands

Unbelievable Design Choices
and Unbeatable Workmanship!

The Award Winning Custom Design Speaker Stand -
FS 104 Signature
Speaker Stand

Optimize Your Sound
With this Unique Satellite Support Design!

In Pursuit of Simply Better Sound...
Why compromise to settle for any thing other than the perfect stand for your HiFi. Custom Design, UK offers a wide range of design options and materials for you to choose from, to ensure that what you get is what you want, while still delivering the performance you need and expect. When you choose Custom Design, you get more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and proven designs that maximize the sound and performance of your loudspeakers and HiFi components.
Custom Design Speaker Stands
Compact iRAP with Cyrus OneHD
Custom Design Desktop iRAP
Available in 4 sizes and great for turnables too!
Desktop iRAP
Custom Design  Quadraphonic iRAP
Two-Layer-Isolation for when more is Needed
Quadraphonic iRAP
Custom Design Desktop Speaker iRAP
A Solution for Speakers on Desks and Table-Tops
Desktop Speaker iRAP
Custom Design Desktop Speaker Stands
A Small & Simple Solution when a Stand is not an option
Desktop Speaker Stands
Custom Design Inert Filler
Perfectly tune your speaker stands by filling them
Inert Filler
Custom Design Floor Protectors
Available in Solid Steel or Solid Aluminium
Floor Protectors